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Latest on the Welsh property market

I found this story about the Welsh property market on the Welsh Government website and summarised it below. Find the link to the article here.

New lockdown rules as the property market restarts in Wales

Although the UK property market has been hit hard by COVID-19, things seem to be looking up in Wales.

First Minister Mark Drakeford has announced that Wales will be reopening the Welsh property market as of Monday. House viewings will begin to take place in vacant properties and house moves where a sale has been agreed but not yet completed. Social distancing will still need to be in place and it would be a good idea to bring PPE with you if you have it. Some estate agents will be adamant that you wear latex gloves, a mask and use hand gel however others are more relaxed. When you go to a house viewing, be aware that you most likely won’t be the only people to view the property and there may have been contractors in touching door handles, windows and possibly moving furniture about therefore it is always best not to touch anything unless you are wearing gloves.

Now that the market is open, those in need of a property sale for cash flow will be wanting to sell quickly. This is where we can help.

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